Model 1200 Description

Why stereo-link?

Back in 1999, we understood the impact computers would have on the way people bought, stored and listened to their music. While most companies were out trying to build the next great portable mp3 player, we set out to design the first true AUDIO components for your computer - and your ears. To let you play the music on your computer with the full power and detail of your home stereo. Freed from the limitations of the computer's built-in audio. The way you want to hear it. Clean and powerful bass. Natural detailed highs. No hum. No noises. No compromise.

How it works

We use USB to digitally transfer the music out of the computer, bypassing the sound card altogether. You get high quality audio and plug and play simplicity from a desktop PC, Mac, or notebook. And it works with ALL of your favorite software and music services. No drivers to install. Never obsolete.

For playback, connect the stereo-link to your receiver or amplifier, just as you would a CD or DVD player. With our accessory cables, your computer can be more than 80 feet away without any loss of quality. CD, MP3, AAC, FLAC, APE, streaming - whatever the format, we'll make the most of it.

When away from your stereo, just plug your favorite headphones into the built-in low distortion amplifier. It delivers enough clean power that you'll hear details you never knew were there.

Who we are

stereo-link is manufactured by Sonus Research & Design, Inc. a company specializing in the development of advanced digital audio products; some of which we sell ourselves, some we develop for others. Our staff include the same people who developed the SigTech Digital Room Correction Systems - Pro products that are used every day in many of the world's best recording studios. Our designs have been recognized by leading audio magazines such as Stereophile and The Absolute Sound, including earning 2 Golden Ear Awards in 1999.

Our products are made in the USA, and each is fully tested to ensure it meets our strict audio standards. And of course we stand behind each one we sell with a full warranty.