Model 1200 Description

". . . Good quality, that is, until I compared them with the Stereo-Link Model 1200. This device, about the size of a hardcover novel, draws sound out of a PC or Mac U.S.B. port and sends it to the stereo through a cable that plugs into the stereo's Audio In jacks. Some kind of aural alchemy takes place within the box, resulting in a sound that is as rich and full-bodied as any that might be generated by playing a CD on the stereo.

The biggest drawback to the Stereo-Link is that once you try it you can't help viewing the cable solutions as lesser substitutes: they're like eating discount ice cream after you have gotten used to Häagen-Dazs. So the big question most people will need to ask themselves is whether the Stereo-Link is worth an extra $145, the difference between it and the $10 cables from RadioShack."

The above excerpt was part of an article that appeared in the New York Times "Circuits" section 24 January 2002 and was titled Digital Music, PC to Hi-Fi

"I was pleased by what I heard from the Stereo-Link receiver -- rich bass response, a flat midrange, and a smooth high end, all with low noise and distortion... The Stereo-Link's 20-bit digital-to-analog(D/A) converter and quiet output electronics (decoupled from the noisy computer environment) supplied clean audio signals -- much cleaner than from most sound cards. The final proof: when I played CDs on my PC, the sound quality was excellent."

Sound & Vision (January, 2001)

"If you're like me, and have hundreds of MP3s and growing, it makes a lot of sense to have a quality stereo hooked up to your computer. Stereo-link makes this entirely possible, and at a very enticing price." Hardware

"Love your product!
My Model 1200 arrived yesterday. What a joy!!! The unit installed in a flash and has no problem carrying a terrific signal about 40 feet to my receiver on the other side of the room. The sound from the receiver and headphones is wonderful. I unplugged my CD changer to make room for the 1200 and probably won't miss it for a while. Thanks for this great product; it definitely goes to 11!"

AG 6 April 2001

"Just got my 1200 hooked up over the weekend. It is absolutely incredible. Very cost effective way to handle the computer into the stereo thing. I have the unit in my basement office and made an audio cable run of about 45' to my stereo equipment. Everything loaded up without a hitch. Had some friends out . . . Saturday night listening through outdoor speakers; they were simply amazed. Best of luck getting this wonderful product out to the masses. I know I'll do my best to move a few."

JD 15 January 2001

"It's always nice to get good tech support!"

AT 4 Jan 2001

"I'm using my old 200 MHz Pentium PC with 64 MB of memory. With a USB hard drive for storage, it makes a great dedicated player"

PA 31 Mar 2001

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