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Better MP3 sound
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stereo-link Model 1200
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stereo-link Model 1200
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stereo-link USB DAC. Use USB to digitally transfer music out of the computer and to your audio system. You get high quality audio and plug and play simplicity from a desktop PC,Mac, notebook, or "legacy free" PC. Even Linux. And it works with your existing player software. For playback, connect the stereo-link to your receiver or amplifier, just as you would a CD player. DJ's will find the output level compatible with mixers, and is an ideal choice for upgradeing sound quality. With our accessory cables, your computer can be more than 80 feet away without any loss of quality. MP3, WMA, AAC,CD streaming - whatever the format, we'll make the most of it. Or plug your favorite headphones into the built-in low distortion amplifier. Hear details you never knew were there. stereo-link connects your computer (Mac, PC or Linux) to your stereo using a high quality USB audio converter. Sound superior to standard soundcards, self-powered USB soundcards and wireless internet audio devices. Windows XP