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So you're thinking about upgrading to Windows XP but you're worried about compatibility with your 1200 or you want to be sure your 1200 will work on your new system. Not to worry, we're on the job!

Yes, the Model 1200 is compatible with Windows XP!.

Let us help you enjoy the integrated multimedia features of Windows XP!


What about performance?

The Model 1200 uses the default XP USB class drivers so there is no software to install. Using the drivers supplied with Windows XP ensures the stability that only comes from extensive testing.

For optimal performance, make sure DMA is enabled for all drives you plan to use with the sl1200 - check with your PC or drive manufacturer for more details.
**UPDATE** -- A patch named "Windows Messenger Update for Audio/Video" is available through Windows Update. Despite the name it does include USB Audio fixes - all customers should run Windows Update and apply this patch.

What about Plug & Play?

USB invokes the Plug and Play system to load drivers. There are differences between Windows 98 and Windows XP, but they should appear identical to the device.

Can I use Windows Media Player with the 1200 under XP?

Absolutely! There shouldn't be any interaction issues here.

Where can I enable a high MP3 bitrate?

Open regedit and add the follow registry keys in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\MediaPlayer\Settings\MP3Encoding

This translates to:
LowRate = 56kb/sec
MediumRate = 128kb/sec
MediumHighRate = 256kb/sec
HighRate = 320kb/sec


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